Our Associates

Our Associates

Anco Motors

Anco Motors (Anco) started operations in Palghar (Dist. Thane - India) in the year 1989. Anco manufactures 6" submersible water filled rewindable motors and pumps, 4" submersible water filled rewindable motors and pumps,and monobloc pumps.

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KSB is a Germany based company, founded in 1871, the company has a presence on all continents with its own sales and marketing organisations, manufacturing facilities and service operations. The innovative technology at KSB is the fruit of its own research and development activities. KSB's research centres focus their efforts on hydraulics, materials technology and the automation of pumps and valves. In solar pumping markets, Kisan Solar controllers and KSB are working together for developing solar markets for KSB and TAG Solar System. The markets where both the companies are working together are Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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Hive Energy System LLC.

Hawaii USA


Introducing the new shape of energy efficiency . Hive is an integrated, high performance energy storage solution designed from the ground up to work with any conventional solar system. HIVE's innovative adaptive technology can be scaled for a wide range of residential, industrial, smart grid, and military application, big or small.

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PRIMUS energy solutions pvt ltd is dedicated to research, design and development of solar energy devices and products. They are engaged in providing renewable energy solutions for industrial, domestic and commercial users across the globe.

PRIMUS ENERGY is also engaged in offering an optimum grade solar structure design and capacity of solar power plant consultancy service.

PRIMUS ENERGY and TAG Solar System are working together towards Universal Solar Agricultute market in north India with some leading corporate houses.

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The Regional Agro Industrial Development Co-operative of Kerela Limited (A Unit of RAIDCO KERELA LTD) has been functioning for more than 4 decades.
RAIDCO decided to venture into renewable energy in the year 2016, after studying the scope of renewable energy market and its potential. RAIDCO has within itself a well-experienced technology partner which strengthens its base in renewable energy sector.

RAIDCO and TAG Solar System will be supplying some critical parts of high end ultra power 25HP to 80HP multi-channel MPPT controllers to enable them to be an OEM under the selected product category for select markets.

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Our Network

Rajasthan Haryana/Punjab Himachal Pradesh
NIMBARK Energy and Traders, Jaipur : Local Rajasthan based associate
working toward expanding the policy market & the retail market largely
in solar pumping & universal solar agriculture.
Samriddhi Enterprises, Tonk : Tag & Samriddhi Enterprises have worked
together on the subsidy programme by the Rajasthan government of solar
water pumps & have managed to capture Tonk Market with the best of
our capabilities.
Primus Energy Solution Nimbark Energy & Traders
Bombay Sales Agnecy, Rajsamand : The Bombay sales agency is helping us
in exploring the solar water pump opportunities in Rajsamand District. we are
working toward expanding the policy market in the area.
Saharan Solar Solutions, Hanumangarh : Tag & Saharan solar solution are
working together & spreading its market in solar pumps at Hanumangarh &
Ganganagar district. It is a matter of great pleasure for us to introduce
Saharan Solar Solution as a firm engaged in manufacturing complete range of Solar PV Modules, and also supplying Solar Mini Packs & Solar Power Packs.