India's first & only, World's first & only, totally indigenous & fully software driven,
without any manual switch - HYBRID SOLAR INVERTER, KISAN KUSUM.


High efficiency Hybrid type Solar Pump controller with grid feeding for KUSUM

Block digram on the right is of Kisan KUSUM, which is India's first and only, World's first and only, totally indigenous, fully software driven, without any manual switching, Hybrid Solar Inverter. Kisan KUSUM software allows user (farmer) to concurrently share power between Pump or any agrarian load that is powered by A/C Motor and seamlessly transfer surplus SPV power to the Grid.The building block of Kisan KUSUM is MC-SPCM; Multi Channel (4 channels) SPCM technology. Kisan KUSUM will be available from 5 to 50 KW range.

Kisan Kusum

The proposed power converter topology has only three dedicated power converters integrating at common DC link and provides following advantages:

  • Power can be shared between PV, grid and motor-pump set and thus power can be routed through several channels. It will not only help to manage discharge of solar pump but also provides opportunity to support the requirement of power during peak demand in the grid during day time.
  • As the power converter stages are optimized, the proposed idea not only provides cost effective system but also deliver highly power efficient topology and saves energy losses.
  • The farmer’s specific demand of per day water discharge can be scheduled even during nights based on the status of other loads of the grid. In general, grid power demand and requirement of power in the grid is high during daytime (peak load demand) due to industrial loads and tariff rate is also high. The utility authority relaxes the tariff rates during nights as grid industrial load demand is less and power is surplus.
  • The hybrid solar water pumping system can provide power to the grid during day time instead of operating motor pump set, so that to earn additional incentives by feeding power to the grid during high demand with high selling cost. The farmer’s requirement can be furnished during night at low tariff rate. Thus, farmers can earn differential amount due to demand based tariff rates set by utility.
  • Farmers never operate solar water pumping throughout the year and traditional water pumping system is sitting idle (zero power utilization) for many days, sometime more than half a year. The proposed topology helps to generate revenue for farmer during non-operating hours of the water pump. And in addition, the proposed system increases utilization of PV panel and infrastructure of solar water pumping (in fact, optimize the utilization).
  • The system is fully automatic (software driven) to schedule the power and water discharge and farmer does not personally need to operate the system except setting-up his water requirement of the day or week.