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Kisan Solar

Advancing with Kisan Solar's SPCM Technology

Kisan Solar in shortest time has established itself as the premier technology developer in the field of solar energy, more specifically solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit-Controller), since it’s incubation days at IIT-B. It’s reputation as premier tech developer can be gauged by the fact that Kisan Solar is retained by many private and government agencies to develop solar controller for specialized applications.

RAIDCO Kerala Limited, a wholly owned cooperative unit of Kerala Government retained Kisan Solar to develop world’s first multi channel MPPT solar controller (PCU) for specialized application like powering very high capacity rating, 60-80 HP solar pumps. Kisan Solar designed and developed 4 channels MPPT, 60 HP MC SPCM controller in record time of 4 months.

Welcome to Kisan Solar

Kisan Solar's SPCM technology, for which company has successfully registered 14 claims forinternational patents, has become building block for wide range of Agrarian and Industrial products. SPCM technology today powers any AC Motor such as:

a ) Motor/Pump set for irrigation

b ) Compressor for BMC (Bulk Milk Chiller) or Deep

c ) Agrarian equipment like Chaff Cutter, Blower fan, Atta Chakki or Industrial applications like 600kg turbine fan in Brick Kiln etc

The universality of SPCM technology is because it is the only two stage topology controller (other than On Grid controllers) with a filter: And therefore it can provide starting torque to any equipment, Industrial or Agricultural is having 2, 4, 6 or 8 poles AC motor and not just the 2 pole motor of pump set for irrigation.

Future Vision

Solar irradiance as energy is pregnant with umpteen possibilities: The founders of Kisan Solar have a vision to develop multiple applications based on solar energy, permeating the field of Agriculture, Industry and Domestic use. SPCM as a building block technology has now proven track record to energize AC motor of any equipment to perform necessary mechanical work.

Kisan Solar is dedicated to enshrine our country as foremost technology developer in the world in coming times.

Founders of Kisan Solar

Apoorva Bhatt Founder MS, Computer Science University of Southern California
Apoorva Bhatt Apoorva has built and marketed products that span across different technologies such as Networking and Wireless technologies, Cloud computing, Sensors, Embedded systems and Solar Systems. Apoorva brings in immense domain knowledge from Sillicon Valley. He founded Arada Systems and Advebs Inc., California, USA.
Dr. Naresh Jotwani Founder B.Tech, IITB(President of India Gold Medal), Ph.D, Rice University.
Dr. Naresh Jotwani Dr. Jotwani has been pioneer in introducing Solar Energy institutes in Gujarat. He has held academic positions in various institutes in US, Singapore and India.
NIMESH SHETH Founder MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California
NIMESH SHETH Nimesh is a Physicist and Electronics Engineer by profession. He has held senior engineering positions in US with American General and First Phase in the area of semiconductor and photovoltaic cell technology.
Dr. Rupesh Wandhare Founder Ph.D, Power Electronics IIT Bombay
Dr. Rupesh Wandhare Rupesh has published several reputed journal and conference papers and patents. He focuses on power electronics based product development for agrarian and rural society. He is also a regular reviewer of IEEE Journal Papers.


Prof. Vivek Agarwal - Mentor
Ph.D, University of Victoria, British Columbia Canada
Professor Agarwal is one of the leading international scientist in the field of Solar Energy in India. He holds a faculty position at IIT Bombay. He has published over 100 research papers in the field of Power Electronics and Solar Energy. He is Technical Adviser to Kisan Solar.