Solar Water Pumping


1Hp to 20Hp SPCM for standalone solar water pumping

The solar PV fed motor-pump controller technology invented by Kisan Solar incorporates the following unique breakthrough features, which makes it most suitable for solar PV based autonomous solar water pumping for irrigation and other purposes:

  • The control strategy and algorithm applied to the two-stage power circuit allows very high efficiency of power extraction from PV panels. It also provides fast dynamic response to changing conditions, with minimum overshoot of the PV terminal voltage and the DC link voltage. Further, the control scheme is equipped with two critical operating modes to ensure safe operation of the solar water pumping system under any condition, such as large variation in solar radiation or sudden unloading of pump.
  • Two stage topology of SPCM patented by Kinetica Solar, formerly known as Kisan Solar has two stage topology to achieve average MPPT efficiency of 99.5% irrespective of variation in water head and variation in solar radiation and temperature.
  • Output voltages are pure sinusoidal to feed to the motor to ensure constant magnitude of flux and no voltage spikes and hence long life of the motor. Very low THD (below <2.5%) compare to other existing products for solar water pumping.
  • The dedicated MPPT channel PV port for control of MPPT of the multi-string solar panel configuration in PV based water pumping systems, to enhance water discharge.40 to 60% more water discharge than existing products in market.
  • Innovative structure and design of the cabinet provides IP54 ingress protection, and a single fan cools high heat dissipating elements, providing a highly cost effective design.
  • The protections provided have redundant safeguards against abnormal conditions: for the controller itself, and also for the pump-set. The on-board sensors used to implement control algorithms are also utilized to implement several protection schemes. Crucially, external sensors such as water level sensor, pressure sensor, flow-meter, et cetera, are avoided, because their long communication cables deteriorate the signal quality, thus making them less reliable (often leading to false alarms and/or missing alarms). Moreover, these communication cables are subject to damage from active agriculture activity and/or wild-life on the farms, leading to frequent maintenance calls.
  • The technique of state machine diagrams has been developed by Kisan Solar to co-ordinate between hardware elements of the circuit and various modes of the control strategy and the protection schemes. This makes the system self-reliant, rugged, and ideally suitable for water pumping in both industry and agriculture sectors.
  • Energy efficiency more than 94% in spite of two stage topology.
  • Data logging and remote monitoring are important features in any advance systems to know the operating hours, payback periods and for debugging. Data logging and remote monitoring facilities are provided in Kisan Solar SPCM where various running parameter e.g. Vpv, Ipv, Ppv, Irms, Vrms, frequency, module temperature, duty cycle, modulation index, other debugging messages including trip signals and fault conditions, etc. can be monitor remotely. In parallel, the SD card of capacity as high as 64GB can be used to log the data at sampling rate is as low as 10sec. If sampling rate is kept at 30sec then continuous 6year data will be logged in the SD card. The data can be extracted and converter in excel sheet easily.